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Cotton Snood Underscarf Hijab Cap # 7 Brown - MiddleEasternMall

Petite Cotton Snood Underscarf Hijab Cap # 7 Brown

$ 2.00 $ 4.95

The Cotton Snood Underscarf Hijab Cap, made of 80% cotton/20% polyester fabric, has two compartments: the pouch in the back to contain the hair, and the extra-wide forehead band, which helps hold the cap forward so the weight of the hair in the pouch doesn't pull the cap back off the forehead like standard hijab caps do.

The pouch in the back of the cap has a stretchy elastic band, which creates a sac to hold the hair in. Snood Hijab caps are made of polyester with a touch of spandex, for stretchy comfort and easy wear.

Please note that this particular snood has a smaller compartment for the hair in the back, compared to the other snoods that may have a more elongated shape to hold a larger volume of hair.

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