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The Elkhatib Family

The Elkhatib Family - Julie, Abdul Rahman, and Abdul Nasser

As far back as I can remember I have always loved clothes. I love the covering my body with beautiful clothes in fabrics of lovely colors and textures. A nice outfit just makes you feel prettier, more confident. Let us not forget we all have specific items in our wardrobe we've become attached to whether is it that comfortable weekend t-shirt, a favorite pair of shoes you could walk around all day in or even your wedding gown. Clothes are an important part of our lives. You communicate who you are through what you wear... a student, a CEO, a doctor, a mother, a Muslim and etc...

Alhamdulilah in August of 2002 I became a Muslim! As a native Alabamian and Muslim revert I had no access to Islamic clothing so I adjusted my wardrobe to be as modest as possible with what I had. I never really believed in women 'advertising' with their bodies so my wardrobe was already pretty tame but I longed for a traditional Islamic gown and head covering that would fit my plus-sized body. Through the wonderful sisters, masha'Allah, in the Birmingham, Alabama community I was given an open front abaya and matching scarf for Eid that year. I still have them today!

Ever since it has been my goal to make Islamic clothing more accessible to all parts of the U.S. and now even the world. Supply Muslims with attractive, affordable and durable items in contemporary and traditional styles from the Middle East. Make it a pleasure to dress modestly.

Alhamdulilah, Allah (SWA) blessed me with a very righteous and business oriented husband in January 2003. He has encouraged me from the beginning when we started by listing a few items on ebay. We work together in organizing and marketing from Thorsby, Alabama. At this time we do not have a brick-and-mortar store-front. It has been and insha'Allah will continue to be an absolute pleasure serving the Middle Eastern friendly and Islamic community throughout the world!

Thank you for your support, feedback and encouragement. I always appreciate any ideas customers... share with me because this is how we improve and grow better to serve everyone. Please feel free to email me direct and I will do my best insha'Allah to help you.

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