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Hijab UnderCaps Elegant Ruffles, Lace & Rhinestone Snood Beanie

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The Lace Snood Hijab Cap has a gorgeous design embellished with over 350 2mm and over 60 5mm areola borealis rhinestones in a diamond pattern on top of a diamond lace panel of the cap. The lace panel is approximately 13" (33.02 cm) x 4" (10.16 cm) covering the entire forehead area from ear to ear. The lace features .5" (1.27 cm) lace scalloped tips extending over the edge to beautifully frame the face. The lace panel is sewn over a solid polyester/spandex blend hijab cap which has stretchy comfort and is easy to wear. The pouch in the back of the cap has a stretchy elastic band, which creates a sac to hold the hair and features a soft spiral ruffle on the back. On average the Lace snood hijab cap covers down over the ears.

Not considered a full hijab worn on its own because it does not cover the neck but it can be worn over a 1 piece amira hijab (sold separately) for full coverage or worn underneath a shawl or scarf.