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Salma Large Hijab Lace Caps

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For a beautiful romantic and feminine look, the lace cap can be worn over a square scarf, amira hijab, or a long rectangular wrap.

The Large Stretchy Lace Cap displays intricate lace and pearlesque accents. The Hijab Cap is made of 2-way stretch polyester/spandex lace fabric embellished with over forty white 5mm round pearl beads in a spray across the front and sides of the cap. The cap features up to 1.75" (4.45 cm) botanical lace tips extending over the edge to beautifully frame the face. The versatile cap is one size fits all because of the 7" (17.78 cm) wide elastic band that forms the ruffles in the back that can expand up to 12" (30.48 cm) wide.

The hijab cap was made with quality craftsmanship for durability - all lace trim was sewn and the pearl beads are anchored with metal pinheads by a fastener - no glue was used.  

The cap is not considered a full hijab worn on its own because the lace is see-through and does not cover the neck. The lace cap is also sold separately because it can be worn over a 1 piece amira hijab or ninja cap (each sold separately) for full coverage.

The lace hijab cap pictured on the model is to display how the lace cap looks worn with a square chiffon scarf. The scarf chiffon scarf is sold separately.