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Women's Jersey Hijab Wrap Taupe Extra Long Soft Stretchy Cotton Shawl 72" x 28" & Matching Cap

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The cotton jersey hijab is a favorite daily go-to hair wrap in a neutral taupe color with a perfectly matched under-scarf hijab tube cap. 

A lightweight yet stretchy jersey fabric: 95% cotton/5% lycra, with finely serged edges for long-term wear. Experience the soft, airy drape of this lavish 72"x 28" shawl accompanied with or without a perfectly matched hijab under scarf cap. The taupe is a beautiful neutral color that looks lovely on many complexions with a variety of outfits including professional attire. The extra-long soft stretchy fabric makes it easy to wrap a hijab, turban, and even lots of hair.

For best results, wash separately in cold water on a delicate cycle or by hand, and dry in the dryer on low heat, or lay flat. A low-heat ironing setting is recommended to preserve quality.

The model is wearing a black cap underneath to protect her modesty. The black underscarf covering is not necessary for normal wear because the cap and shawl are not see-through and are sufficient covers.