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Prayer Beads in Pearlescent in White or Ivory Islamic Gifts for Women

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Beautiful feminine pearly beads with silver-tone spaces makes a cherishable gift for Ramadan, Eid, coming of age, or a revert to Islam. Islamic prayer beads are used for the act of Dhikr which is "The remembrance of God," commonly performed by reciting (mostly silently) the 99 Names of Allah or phrases that glorify and praise Allah.

The prayer beads are made of solid acrylic beads with a pearlescent finish, in either snow white or ivory. The prayer bead strands have 33 8mm beads with a separator at every 11th bead. There is a long leader bead with a silver-tone chain tassel at one end to mark the starting point. The bead strands are approximately 12 inches long.

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