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Wholesale Set of 3 Small Dazzle Hijab Cap Turbans in 3 colors

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The lot will contain 3 colors one of each Magenta, Purple and Green 

The new Dazzle Caps are a revolutionary design—the caps flatter the shape of the head by rounding out the hijab in the back. Attached to the back of the cap is a spiral ruffle. When a hijab (scarf or shawl—sold separately) is worn over the caps, the ruffle in the back makes the head look naturally rounder and slightly fuller. 

Hijab caps are made from 95% polyester/5% Spandex fabric accented overall with quality metallic lurex fibers which do not flake. An elastic band at the back of the neck gently holds the hijab cap in place. Edges are accented with serpentine trim. 

A Dazzle Cap does not constitute a full hijab by itself, but is designed to be worn underneath or on top of an additional hijab item, or worn pinned to a turtleneck shirt.

NOTE: In order to offer these deep discounts there are no customizations; the sets come as they are pre-packaged. Additionally, we do not accept partial returns of a dozen/set; only entire dozens or sets, exactly as they are pre-packaged, can be returned.