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Hijab, what is it?

Hijab is an Arabic term which means cover, wrap, curtain, barrier or partition. To wear a hijab is to cover not just the head and neck but the entire body with modest clothing to protect the one's privacy from leering eyes. Hijab is more commonly known as a headscarf. What that exactly means is flexible and varies from different Islamic schools of thought. 

However, the hijab is not just for Muslim women, many ladies from other faiths such as Orthodox Jews and Christians cover for religious reasons too. Think about it... have you ever seen a portrait of any of the women of in the Bible without a headscarf? Additionally, many women who have hair loss for medical reasons enjoy the variety of head coverings now available. 

You will find hundreds of hijab styles at ranging from simple pull-on hoods (amira hijabs) to turbans to fancy multi-layered oblong shawls. Not every style works for everyone, so it's important to examine your attire to see what pieces will best suit your needs. 

We at specialize in headscarf hijab covering because the hijab is one of the most important parts of a Muslimah's wardrobe. The huge variety of quality hijabs provides women with options to match her attire no matter what the circumstances such as sports, work, casual, and special events.