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Jersey Hoodie Hijab 2-Tone Easy Instant Criss Cross Headscarf

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  • NEW lighter Viscose/Spandex Jersey fabric with 2-way stretch
  • Easy instant hijab fashion
  • Features Criss-cross Envelope Pleat Forehead Panel 
  • Opaque, not see through
  • Very versatile Large Hijab Fits most sizes including Plus size ladies

Simply pull the hijab on over your head like a 1 piece Amira hijab with the seam under the chin and the crisscrossing envelope pleats at the forehead. On the hijab where the 2 colors meet are two rows of tiny 2mm Aureole Boleras rhinestones which circle around the entire hijab. Pick up the rhinestone edge at the back of the shoulders and place it on top of the head where the cap starts.

Adjust the rhinestone edge around the hoodie loop so that the black frames the contrasting inside hood color. The fabric is not slippery so pins are not required. However, if it’s windy or your hijabs shift during salat you may want to secure the hijab with a pin on the top and/or side.

The jersey fabric is 95% viscose/5% spandex. The 2 Tone Hoodie Hijab is also available in Lycra. 

 Please Note: The video shows the model wearing a black ninja hijab cap underneath the 2 Tone Hoodie Hijab. The underscarf ninja cap was only worn in the video so the model can maintain her modesty while demonstrating how to put on and wear the hijab. An underscarf cap is not necessary to wear this hijab but is optional.