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Women's Skirt Long Tiered Size SMALL in #5 Slate Blue

$ 9.00 $ 19.95

The Women's Long Skirts for Classic Casual Comfort and a Light Free-flowing Look

The Women's Tiered Long Skirt features a shirred elastic waistband of 14 to 15 rows of stretchy elastic which is super easy to wear and comfortable... just pull it on. The waistband unstretched is approximately 22" around but is stretchable up to 30" around. At the center top of the waistband is a tie with a wooden round bead on each end. The tie is only ornamental and adds to the classic casual look of the skirt. The body of the skirt is an a-line cut with the bottom hem approximately 96" around at the hem. The skirt is made up of tiers or rows about 6" tall each surged together with a slight ruffly edging. The skirt is 100% Rayon/Viscose fabric with an overall crinkle texture. Rayon/Viscose is comparable to cotton in softness but has strong fibers that don't loose their shape like cotton. The skirt has a 100% polyester lining approximately 21" long starting at the base of the elastic waistband for added modesty.

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