Wholesale Set of 6 PetIte Royal Snood Caps in 6 different colors and design

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Wholesale Set of 6 Royal Snood Caps in 6 different colors in an assortment of Rhinestone Designs. There are 4 different rhinestone designs so the rhinestone pattern will differ from the one pictured but the stone colors will be the same.

The Royal Snood Hijab Caps feature a spectacular design with over 1,600 rhinestones are made of the luxurious soft, super stretchy lightweight ultra-silky fabric. The body of the cap features 7 rows of gathered elastic that form a fashionable ruched effect which are small puckers and drapes. The ruching is accented with 4 rows of fifty 3mm areoles bolaris rhinestones each. The back of the cap is closed at the end but has lots of super stretchy room to hold hair. The front of the cap features a 3.5" wide band that snugly holds the cap in place even when it contains lots of hair, unlike an average cap which slides back. The wide band is embellished with 2 and 3 mm rhinestones.

The cap does not serve as a hijab by itself because it does not cover the neck. It can be worn underneath a hood, shawl or scarf. Or to show the ruched design, ladies wear it on top of a 1 piece amira hijab or ninja underscarf cap. Additionally, it can be worn with a dickey collar or turtleneck shirt which is pinned to the cap to cover the neck. The amira hijab, ninja underscarf cap and dickey collars are sold separately. The snood cap is double stitched and has surged edges for durability.

The Royal Snood cap is not recommended for plus sizes.

NOTE: In order to offer these deep discounts, no customizing of color choices may be made. We do not accept partial returns of a dozen/set. Only entire dozens or sets, returned exactly as they are pre-packaged, can be accepted.