Wholesale set of 12 Cotton Snood Large Khatib Underscarf Hijab Caps in 12 Colors

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You will receive 12 caps in your set including the colors mentioned below, In order to offer these deep discounts there are no customizations; the sets come as they are pre-packaged. Additionally, we do not accept partial returns of a dozen/set; only entire dozens or sets, exactly as they are pre-packaged, can be returned.
One: White
One: Winter Blue
One: Emerald Green
One: Charcoal Heather
One: Royal Blue
One: Green
One: Ocean Blue
One: Pink
One: Khaki Green
One: Brown
One: Navy Blue
One: Burgundy

Need only one? >> Cotton Snood Cap
  • New & Improved Large Size Cap
  • Buttery-Soft 95% Cotton/5% Spandex Top Quality Fabric
  • 2-Way Stretch
  • Opaque (not see-through)
  • Color Coordinates with the other Khatib Cotton Products

The Women's Khatib Cotton Snood hijab cap has a large pouch in the back to tuck the hair into. The front forehead band is extra wide to help hold the cap forward so the weight of the hair in the pouch doesn't pull the cap back off the forehead like standard hijab caps. The pouch in the back of the cap has a stretchy elastic band which makes a sac to hold the hair in. The Snood Hijab cap is made of high quality 95% cotton/5% polyester spandex.

All of the Khatib Cotton products color coordinate with the same color named items such as the Khatib Cotton Tube Caps, and the Khatib 1 piece and 2 piece Amira hijabs sold separately.