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Sultan's Jewels Incense Holder Burner Goblet # 49 in Antique Gold

$ 18.00 $ 26.95

Gleaming goblet-shaped, rhinestone-studded Incense Burner. This two-piece, 9.8" Incense Burner features elegant scrollwork design and six sparkling rhinestones.

The Sultan's Jewels Incense Goblet is weighted for surface stability. Ideal for burning bukhoor (available for separate purchase). Each incense burner comes with a 10-count package of self-igniting charcoal discs. Refills may be ordered separately.

A great video on YouTube demonstrating how to use the incense burner.

Safety Warnings:

Keep charcoal disks, burning incense and ashes out of reach of children and pets, and away from flammable materials. Use tongs to manipulate the charcoal after it has been lit.

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