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Khimar Hijab 1 piece Poly Amira with Stones Chain Design

$ 10.00 $ 12.95

Khimars are the ultimate modest wear hijab. The one piece hijab simply pulls on over the head and drapes over the chest area down to just above the elbows. The 1-piece khimar amira hijab resembles the 2-piece version, but the 'headband' forehead section is sewn directly into a continuous seam of the hood ( head and neck covering) opening for the face.

Quick and easy cover for salat, ideal for breast feeding, party wear cover, for hajj or anytime you need a convenient modest cover. The stretchy fabric is 100% polyester/lycra. The khimars are embellished with 500+ Aurora Borealis 2 mm rhinestones.

Photos shows the Khimar from the back so you can pick your preferred rhinestone pattern. See illustration for approximate measurements.

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