Infinity Georgette Shawl Accessory

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The Infinity Georgette Shawl is a versatile hijab fashion accessory. The shawl is called infinity because it is joined at both ends to create a large loop. It adds a lovely burst of color and can be worn numerous way including draped over the head, or let it hang down over the chest, or even looped around the neck. However, this infinity georgette shawl is not large enough to cover the head and neck as a full hijab, it is meant to serve as an accessory.

The 100% poly georgette fabric is super light and has a matte finish. Georgette shawls measure approximately 66" (167.64 cm) the length of the loop x 11" (27.94 cm) wide.

The mannequin is shown here with a black 1 piece Amira Cotton Hijab (sold separately) underneath the infinity shawl.