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Wholesale set of 6 Cotton Jersey Khatib Hijab Wrap in 3 Black & 3 White

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The Dozen will include 12 Khatib Jersey Cotton Hijab Wrap Head Scarf in the ALL BLACK, ALL WHITE or 6 BLACK & 6 WHITE. 
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  • Features a Crescent Moon shaped Forehead Panel for super simple styling and all day wear
  • Buttery Soft Jersey 2-way Stretch 95% Cotton/5% Polyester (spandex) blend fabric
  • Opaque, not see through
  • Very versatile large size fits all size women
  • Superior quality fabric maintains beauty after long term wash* and wear
  • Light weight, not bulky and all weather fabric makes it the perfect travel hijab

You'll love how the 2-way stretchy fabric easily wraps and holds even without pins and feels soft and cool against your skin.

The new easy-to-wear instant stylish Jersey Cotton Hijab Wrap by Khatib Fashion is unique because it features the crescent moon shaped forehead panel. The forehead panel gives better all day coverage and makes it easier to put on. The Jersey Wrap is large and extremely stretchy so it is very versatile and fits all size women. 

*Washing Instructions: Cool machine wash, cool iron, do not tumble dry in the dryer or use chlorine bleach.

Please Note: The video shows the model wearing a black ninja hijab cap underneath the Khatib Jersey Cotton Hijab Wrap. The underscarf ninja cap was only worn in the video so the model can maintain her modesty while demonstrating how to put on and wear the hijab. An underscarf cap is not necessary to wear this hijab but is optional.