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Vintage Rose Bud Headband #5 Coral Pink - MiddleEasternMall

Vintage Rose Bud Headband #5 Coral Pink

$ 7.95

The Charming Romantic Vintage Rose Bud Headband is delicately ornate, with six starched, paper rose buds clustered atop green, silky leaves on one side of a structured wire headband.

The narrow band is constructed of flexible metal, fully wrapped in black, satin ribbon, for incredible comfort. The flowers are secured to both sides of the band, with a smooth, soft, and thin black felt pad on the interior side of the band.

Older teens to adults will want to include the Charming Romantic Vintage Rose Bud in their personal suite of accessories. Wire headbands make marvelous hijab accents: simply insert the end tips behind your ears, and tuck them into the folds of your hijab.

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