Khimar Hijab 1 piece Poly Amira with Stones Diamond Design

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The Khimar is pre-washed, thoroughly inspected, and ready to wear. Please keep in mind the picture of the Khimar gives the impression that it is longer than elbow length to display the entire rhinestone design. To get a proper perspective of the actual length, please watch the video (Sorry, but no personal customization Please)

Khimars are the ultimate modest wear hijab. The one piece hijab simply pulls on over the head and drapes over the chest area down to just above the elbows. The 1-piece khimar amira hijab resembles the 2-piece version, but the 'headband' forehead section is sewn directly into a continuous seam of the hood ( head and neck covering) opening for the face.

Quick and easy cover for salat, ideal for breast feeding, party wear cover, for hajj or anytime you need a convenient modest cover. The stretchy fabric is 100% polyester/lycra. The khimars are embellished with 500+ Aurora Borealis 2 mm rhinestones.

See illustration for approximate measurements.