White Double Flower Hair Comb with Pearl Beads

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Lovely enough for a bride; easy and comfortable to wear.

Small White Double Flower Hair Combs are the perfect solution to quick hair styling. Use them to hold bangs back, to give short hair a lift or create a swept-back look for retro charm.

The hair comb has two silk petal flowers, each measuring approximately 2" (5.08 cm) wide. The first flower, an exquisite little rose, is highlighted by a single 5 mm pearl bead affixed at the center rosebud tip. The second flower is comprised of two layers of fabric petals, accented with a gentle spray of multiple pearl beads emanating from the center, and a single, centered 5 mm bead. The two flowers are attached to a 3" (7.62 cm) wire hair comb.

Each hair comb is sold individually.