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Ventura Amira Hijab 2 piece Set Hood & Cap

$ 5.00 $ 14.95

  • Super Stretchy Ribbed Knit - stretches up to 1.5 times wide
  • Polyester/Spandex Blend Fabric with a texture of slender, raised vertical rows
  • Ideal for Average & Plus Size Ladies
  • Extra Long with an extra wide Hem Drapes over the Top of the Shoulders

The Ventura Extra Long Hijab 2 piece set is unique for it's 'linen look' texture, super stretchiness and is extra long. Due to the stretchy nature of the Ribbed Knit fabric this hijab is very versatile and is ideal for sizes including sisters who need a larger hijab. Additionally, the extra-wide hem makes it drape over the top of the shoulders very elegantly without being snug or confining. All seams are serged for durability.The knit fabric stretches significantly in the width but stretches slightly along its length. Because of the stretchy nature of the material, the hijab DOES NOT feel tight, snug or confining. The fabric is light and has a 'crisp' feel to the surface with a slender, raised rows texture with a slight shine. 

very easy to wear... no pins required! This 2 piece Hijab includes a tube underscarf cap that is worn under the hood (head and neck covering). The tube cap can be worn separately or underneath your favorite scarf or shawl.

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