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Girls Ninja Hijab Cap with Stones in # 13 Navy Blue - MiddleEasternMall

Girls Ninja Hijab Cap with Stones in # 13 Navy Blue

$ 3.00 $ 5.95

The Girls Ninja Hijab Cap with Stones is suitable for a girl 7 year of age and under the ninja cap is accented with over a hundred 3 & 4 mm rhinestones on the visor section covering the forhead. The picture of the Ninja Hijab Cap on the manniquin shows the pouch in the back expanded so you can see the shape of the hood.

For the Muslim woman who needs an underscarf hijab cap that will give her the confidence of having her head and neck fully covered. The ninja underscarf hijab cap with rhinestones is meant to be worn underneath a scarf, shawl, turban, hood or veil. The ninja cap differs from the worry-free underscarf hijab cap because it narrows through the neck to elimate any bulk and has a pouch at the back of the head to hold hair or can hold a rounding cap like the omani hijab cap inside. It covers the entire head and neck front and back but not the chest... it runs short because it is meant to be worn underneath, not alone as a hijab. The ninja hijab is specifically made of soft stretchy jersey cotton for comfort.

Illustration is of the Ninja Underscarf Hijab Cap laid flat with approximate measurements.

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